Our story

We started off very small.
 During the first lockdown in the UK I had began to experiment with DIY press on nails (considering all of the salons were closed). After some time, and a lot of practice, the art of press on nails and creating them from scratch became a real hobby - and a much needed creative outlet. When I started our Instagram page, back in June, it was simply to share some of the designs I had created! Seeing people begin to support our small business, and even purchase their own nails was so lovely. The fact that it was all happening in the midst of lockdown meant that we were able to provide nails to people from the comfort of their own home, bringing a bit of glam during a not so glamorous time. From here, we began to grow and started to have consistent orders each week, to the point where we had to have periods of closed orders to accommodate to the high demand. Since then, we have continued to grow and meet new, amazing people, which is why we decided to venture into the business we are today - ANGELICS. Our one-person team has expanded ever so slightly, and we are now offering a range of 925 Sterling Silver jewellery and accessories which compliment our luxury press-on nails in the best way.   

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